PTA Minutes from Monday, April 17

Minutes from Monday, April 17th 


General Board Minutes: 

Executive Board Attending: Anne Kirsner, Michelle Leon, Sheryl Kravitz, Kathy Garneau, Kristie McCarthy.Also in attendance: Maureen Miller, Katelin Schero, Leslye Whittman, Jen Stump, Lorena Jaimes, Jason Mueller, Associate Principal VanArsdale, Ms. Medina,

Treasurer Report: funds raised with Change Drive will be kept for Book Fair; PTA also granted Mr. Domeq resources for teaching math

Committee Reports:

  • Book Fair, Creepy Carrot author scheduled for the day (Katelin Schero) 
  • Children’s Day Celebration, Carolina Stella and Mirasol, - will follow up directly April 27 5 to 8 p.m. 
  • Spring Fling tickets available online - teachers are coming (6)  
  • Celiac Skate-a-bration, April 30th, 1:2:20 p.m. at Centennial Ice Arena
  • Eat Out Night, May 3rd, Potbelly, 5-8 p.m. in HP 
    • Made $850 McDonalds and Chipotle $357
  • 5th Grade Mixer at Northwood, May 12th 
  • Next PTA meeting will be held on May 15th @ 7 p.m. elections will take place 
  • Spring into Kindergarten will be held on 5/16 and 5/23 
  • Mom/Daughter Art Workshop 51/2 forms due 4/28 $14 person/bring a snack 
  • 5th Grade Girl Talk, Northwood, May 18th all incoming elementary schools are invited - free event, there will be a speaker - what to expect - 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. @ Northwood - invite to go out to girls directly 
  • School supplies orders due May 25th (paper orders) and June 16th online orders
  • PTA incoming happy hour, June 2nd @ Gingers 6-8 p.m. 
  • Jun 9th is last day of school and 5th grade graduation
  • Alison Bodor is doing cookiesfor Teacher Appreciation
  •  Teacher Appreciation Week for May 9th - Jen Stump will reach out to teachers and do something everyday with flowers, etc. and show appreciation 
  • Janet VanArsdale to include PTA information in Kinder presentation and Anne Kirsner suggested we will sell magnets 
  • Kathy Garneau and Lauren Klayman working on 5th grade gift being a free library on school property
  • Gift card sales will be distributed by K. McCarthy at the end of May 
  • Janet VanArsdale to find out when and where Fun(d)Run monies go to. 
  • Principal Report by Associate Principal VanArsdale: 
    • This Thursday is 4th Grade Fine Arts Night 
    • Spring testing cycle which is drastically reduced from last year 
    • 1st through 4th will be tested on english language arts EDL2 and DRA2 proficiency and in Spanish about 45 minutes per student to ensure that instruction is not interrupted - each teacher will get a substitute for 4 days - and will have swat team that pulls kids out in groups of 10 - the most efficient way to get this done without disrupting instruction will be conducted the 1st and 2nd week in May (not for Kindergarten or 5th grade); also will do MAP testing for 3rd through 5th grade levels. MAP is completely online. 
    • May need help and assistance with Field Day on Monday June 5th for K-2, June 6th for 3-5 - it’s a half day